Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sadie Smarty Pants

As her mother, I have this biased towards my child.  I always think she is the smartest, most beautiful, sweetest, most awesome living thing in the whole universe.  Well, the other day, Sadie was in the tub and just started counting.  She got to four, and I was happy, she got to seven and I was surprised, and when she got to ten all by herself, I was seriously floored.  I did not teach her that.  Honestly, I think playing hide and go seek with her cousins is what did it.  I pulled out my camera to film her, and by then she was a little distracted and needed a bit of prompting, but I was seriously so shocked with how high she got at the end without any help

Smarty pants girl.  Gosh, I love her, and I love being her mommy.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

To my sweet TWO year old little girl...

Miss Sadie Sue,

Looking through my past letters, it is crazy to realize how much you really have grown in only a year.  You are quite literally my most favorite girl on this entire planet.  I thank Heavenly Father every single day that I am the lucky one who is blessed enough to be your mother.

This past June we moved into Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Daddy is in pharmacy school now, and we decided that it would be best for our family to be able to save money on rent, as well as be closer to our family and Daddy's new school.  We love living here, and you especially love having "Mrama and Papa" right upstairs.  You ask several times a week to be able to go upstairs and say goodnight to them.  You love playing in the backyard, especially in the play house and play truck that Grandpa and you daddy built a long time ago.  You adore Grandma's doggies, Tuxedo and Rio.  You love following them around, giving them loves, and laying on them like they are pillows.  You are pretty sweet to them, and you are good at remembering to be soft with them.  Most of all, though, you love having so much more room to play around the house.

When we moved here, we moved you out of your crib and into a big girl bed.  The first night I was so nervous you would be so anxious about being in a new room, and not being contained in your crib.  I was worried you wouldn't adjust well to your new home.  Well, sweetheart, you proved me wrong!!  That night we got you in your jammies, brushed your teeth, and read you a book.  We sang you a song, and put you in your bed, I tucked you in and told you "Good night, Sweet Girl.  Sleep well, stay in your bed until the sun comes up, okay?"  You said "Okay, Mama." and closed your eyes and went to sleep, and that was that.  We have seriously had zero problems with transitioning you to your bed, and I have been so proud with how you have adjusted to such a big change in your life.

You are a little ball of sunshine in my life.  Every morning after you wake up, I can hear you talking in your big girl bed, and I open the door to tell you good morning.  I love this part of your day, because I come and sit on your bed and ask if I can hold you.  You always say "yeah" and climb into my lap and let me snuggle you for a couple minutes.  I ask you about what you dreamed about the night before, and you usually tell me you were reading books, this morning you told me I came to you and washed your cheeks.  I don't know if these are really your dreams, but I love that you will talk to me in the morning.

You actually talk to me all day long.  You hardly ever stop to take a breath, now that your vocabulary is large enough to communicate most of your wants and needs throughout the day.  I love your sweet little voice, and I wish I could bottle it up.  I love watching you put together sentences and phrases to communicate what you want.  You are pretty soft spoken compared to some of your cousins.  When you get really excited about something, you usually get pretty quiet instead of squeal-y, which I think is pretty funny.  When we ask you what a tiger says, you even "roar" in a whisper instead of getting really loud.  You are usually so wonderful at remembering your manners, and you are so great at saying "please and thank you," which makes me just beam.  You used to use sign language for a lot of words about a year ago, but slowly you have dropped all of the signs, except you still always sign please when you say it.  I also love how you say thank you like "tang-too."

You love love love bunnies right now.  You have two pink bunnies that play music and you always want them to play while you're falling asleep.  You love watching a show on netflix called "Miffy" as well, which is about a little bunny.

You love Minnie Mouse.  This makes me SO HAPPY.  You have several Minnie dolls that you play with, and you always want bows in your hair, like "Mi-ee Mouse."

You love to say prayers and read your Book of Mormon.  Every night, Daddy sits you on his lap and you guys read and pantomime one verse to me.  Daddy is so silly about it, but you love doing this with him, and I love hearing you try to say big words like "commandments."

You got a play kitchen for your birthday a couple days ago, and you have been glued to it.  You love to play with it constantly, and you are always cooking me "snacks" throughout the day.  Grandma Ilene gave you a Minnie Mouse mini table and chairs, and you love eating at your table for every meal.

You are starting to go on the potty about once a day now.  There have been a couple of days you go more often, but usually it's only in the morning before I put you in the bath.  We give you a sticker after every time, and you love that.  I think in a couple months we'll see if you're ready to be completely potty trained.  I wasn't planning on potty training you until next summer, but you might be ready sooner than that.

You know almost all of your colors now, and you love to tell us what color everything is ("Mom, byoo pwate!  Lellow tup!").  You also sing your alphabet a lot, but I don't know if you really know what "letters" are. Except today when I was putting you down for your nap, I was wearing a necklace that said "Paris" and you grabbed it and said "Mom!  A-B-C-D necklace!" so maybe you're catching on more than I realize.

You love being girly, you love pink, purple, princess ANYTHING, sparkles, bows, dresses, skirts, and having your hair done.  You love it when I paint your nails, and after we do mani-pedis at home, you tell EVERYONE all about it, Daddy, Grandma, the cashier at the grocery store, I mean everyone.  You love shoes and have taught yourself how to put your own flip flops on this summer.  Sometimes they are on the wrong feet, and sometimes you get the little thing in between the wrong toe, but you are always so proud of you doing it yourself.

You are the sweetest girl, Sadie Sue.  You are charming, friendly, and happy.  You love playing with your cousins, and we love watching you interact with them.  You are seriously the most incredible little human I have ever met, and I am so glad you get to be my sidekick every day.  This past year has been a hard one for us, but through this time I have come to an even greater realization of how much of a miracle baby you are to our family.  Daddy and I love you more than words could ever express, and we are more grateful that you were able to make it into our family despite all odds.  Thank you a million times for fighting your way into our family.  We are so grateful you are here and we can't imagine our family without you in it.

Happy birthday, sweet little girl, I love you more fiercely than I could have ever imagined I could love anyone.  Thank you for being my baby girl.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To My Sweet 11 Month Old Baby Girl


You are a curious, squirmy, wiggly, little girl who never has one second to hold still, unless you are sleeping.  We took pictures with the SAAS cousins (Sadie, Avery, Adalyn, and Sonja) all in matching outfits, and were such a little trouble maker.  Because you are the oldest cousin, you are the first to become the most mobile, and while we were taking pictures, you were only interested in crawling away, or worse, crawling on top of your smaller, helpless cousins.  Luckily, we still were able to get a few good shots, and we were all able to laugh about it at the end of the day.

You are a happy little girl and love to jabber and giggle all the time. Your favorite jibber jabbery things to say are "diddle deedle dee" and "da da lum."  I'm not sure why those are your favorite noises, but they are so silly to listen to and you keep all of us giggling.  You also love to say "mom mom mom" over and over again. I don't think you really know that the word "mom" means me, but you seem to get that it means "help me" or "pay attention to me" or something like that.

You get very, very giggly when you are tired, and you will giggle at the funniest, smallest things. One night during dinner you hadn't gotten any good, long naps, but later that night while we were eating, I would look up from my plate while I was eating my dinner and just look at you, and you thought that us making eye contact was pretty dang hilarious.  You love being tickled, and it is so fun for us to play tickle games with you.

The other day we were playing with your toys in your room.  I picked up a stuffed animal and cuddled it like it was a baby.  I was trying to show you how to snuggle and love on it, and you got very jealous!  You started shrieking and crawled into my lap, and threw the stuffed animal away from me.  I hope you handle things better when we decided to have another baby and I'm holding a newborn all the time.

We got to visit Flaming Gorge this month and you got to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa for the second time.  They loved you, and were so amazed by how much you had changed since you were only 4 months old the last time they had seen you.  You are almost walking, and you would cruise along all of their furniture, which they thought was amazing.  Great Grandma is an amazing mother, and I tried to get as much advice from her while we were there as I could.  She told me to love you and to be polite towards you.  She told me that you are the most important thing that will ever be in my life, and to always be kind towards you, even if I feel myself trying to lose my patience.  I will try to do my best at this, sweetheart.

I love you so much, baby girl.  I have loved having you in our family, and I can't believe it's almost been a full year since you joined our family.  You are the best first child I think I could ever have, and I am so glad I get to spend all day every day with you.


To My Sweet 10 Month Old Baby Girl


You turned 10 months old on the 4th of July, and we had a blast celebrating!  We started off the day at a hot air balloon festival with Daddy's side of the family, which you thought was very fascinating.  We then headed up to spend the day with my side of the family and watched a parade, went swimming, and had a BBQ.  At the end of the day, we watched fireworks, and even though you were so tired, you stayed awake, and you loved watching the sparkly sky.

This month you took swimming lessons with me, Aunt Autumn, and your cousin Avery.  You love swimming so much, and if I would let you, I'm sure you would stay in the water all day every day.  I was worried you would be nervous about being in the water, but you were always so happy and loved kicking your legs and splashing in the water.  We even practiced dunking you under the water, and while it wasn't your favorite, you didn't even cry.  We spent a lot of time this month at a water park, and you loved crawling around in the wave pool.  You were sometimes a little too brave, and would crawl in too deep, so we'd have to really stay close by and watch you, but you always loved being in the water.

You are a very fast crawler and love to get into everything.  If I take my eyes off of you for only a couple of minutes, sure enough, you will try to tip over containers, empty baskets, and make all sorts of messes.  Even with all chasing after you I have to do, you are still so sweet and happy that I can't help but just laugh.

This month the last of the four baby girl cousins we got in our family was born.  Sonja was born a couple of weeks early, on Aunt Alicia's birthday.  You actually got your first cold the day before she was born, so you didn't get to meet her until about a week later.  I can't wait to watch you four girls as you grow up, I'm sure you girls will be great friends and have a lot of fun together.

You also decided this month that you were too grown up for baby food.  You had only been eating pureed foods regularly for about two months, but once you had six teeth, you were much more interested in eating whatever your daddy and I were eating instead of the mush we had been giving you.  You love feeding yourself little pieces of food, and your favorites right now are green peas, zucchini, tomatoes, and cheerios   You are such a good eater, which makes me so happy!

You are a hoot, little girl.  I love you to the moon and back, and I am so glad that you are my sweet little girl.


Monday, September 3, 2012

To My Sweet 9 Month Old Baby Girl

Sweet Pea,

This month marks the month that you have now spent the same amount of time in the real world as you did growing inside of me!  Crazy thought!

This month you consistently will clap for yourself or other people, give high fives to those around you, and do other silly things to get a reaction from people.  You love to make people laugh and you adore any kind of attention you can get.

You crawl crazy fast now, and everything has to go right in your mouth while you are exploring the world.  One night Daddy was playing tennis with his friend, Wyatt, and you snuck a leaf in your mouth without my seeing.  I didn't know it was even in there until you started coughing and gagging on it, and I was able to get it out of your mouth.  It was kind of scary for me, and I've had to watch you a lot more carefully now to make sure you are kept safe.

Your hair is finally long enough for me to put two piggies on the top of your head.  You definitely look like your nickname now--Bug.  They are so cute, I melt a little every time I see you with them.

You cut FOUR teeth this month, bringing your grand total up to six little teeth in that cute mouth of yours.  You, my little bug, were a monster while you cut all of those teeth, and you did not want to take naps.  When I would lay you in your crib, you would just stand up to the side and cry and scream and not nap at all.  You were also running a fever and had a runny nose and were so sad with all those teeth coming through, so I spent a lot of time snuggling you and trying to help you feel better.

Your daddy and I celebrated our third anniversary this month, and we decided to take a family day-cation up to the zoo. You really enjoyed yourself and loved having so many different things to look at.

We celebrated our first Strawberry Days with you this year as well.  That week we were also babysitting my cousin's three little boys, and they got to celebrate with us.  We went to the carnival, the parade, Huck Finn Days, and entered you in the baby contest.  It was a fun week, and you loved having those boys to play with too.  You actually love all little kids in general, and love being around them and trying to copy them. Are you sure you were supposed to be an oldest child?

Other favorites this month were going to Seven Peaks a lot--your favorite is the wave pool, and visiting Thanksgiving Point Gardens--you still love going for walks and being outside, and you love playing with your cousins.  You are growing up so fast!

Sadiebug, you are precious.  You are sweet, you are kind, you are so important, and I love you so much.
Thank you for being my very own,

To My Sweet 8 Month Baby Girl...


This month was such a fun month with you!

At the beginning of the month, your Aunt Rilee left for her mission.  It's a weird concept to think that while she will be gone you will change SO much and SO quickly. We've promised to keep her very up to date with letters and pictures, and she has loved hearing about you.

One of your favorite things you figured out this month was how to pull yourself up to standing next to objects. You love grabbing onto the handle on the drawer of your dresser and standing up next to it.  One day when I was trying to lay you down for your nap, you pulled yourself up to the side of the crib and stood there giggling at me.  You were in a very silly mood, and every time we would make eye contact, you would get a new wave of giggles started.  I even got out the camera and took a video of you, and whenever I watch it, I can't help but get the giggles myself.  Your happiness is so contagious!

Another silly thing you have been doing is you will crawl up to something like a wall or a doorway or the leg of a table and head butt it by rocking back and forth, and while you bonk it with your head, you will do this cute little snorting sound.  After a while of this, you will sit back and clap for yourself.  Speaking of clapping, you are doing that all the time now, and you love having people clap for you too, you get so excited and will clap back.

For a couple days in a row, you would tuck your toes into the bottom of your pant legs so you would be standing on them, and then crawl right out of them.  I could not keep your pants on you to save my life!  I guess that trick got boring because you lost interest in your trick by the end of the week, and started keeping your pants on again.

You love taking walks, and me and my friend Katie will take you and her son, Coleman, out to walk around at different parks.  You are loving the warmer weather, and love being outside.

We took your first major vacation this month.  Uncle Phil, Aunt Jenny, and our family all went to San Diego together for a week, and we had so much fun!  The first day we went to Sea World, and your favorite thing that you got the most excited about were watching the puffins, falling asleep with your sun hat over your face during the dolphin show, and having so many people pay attention to you.  We had so many people stop us and tell us we had one of the cutest babies we had ever seen, and we can't blame them, you are hands down the cutest baby we have ever seen too.

We took you swimming at our condo for the first time.  I was afraid you would be scared while you were in the water, but you were so happy and kept kicking your little legs and squealing.  We were hoping you wouldn't mind the ocean the next day when we took you to the beach, but we were wrong!  When we put you in the water, you cried because you thought it was too cold!  However, the beach was not a total bust, because you loved eating the sand by the handfuls (you had the weirdest diapers for the next few days), and crawling over to strangers and smiling at them.

Our last day we took you to the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier that they turned into a museum.  You loved being carried around and looking at the displays.  There were some old men that worked at the museum, and they thought you were so cute, they gave you your own wing pin to wear, which was so cute.  That night we went to Old Town to visit the Mormon Battalion museum, and then went to dinner.  It was colder that evening so we visited some shops to try and find hoodies to wear.  Phil already had his hoodie with him, and he was worried about you getting cold, so he took you and cuddled you inside his hoodie to keep you warm.  After a long week of fun, and after getting all cuddly and warm, you fell right asleep in his arms, and it completely melted his heart.  Right now Uncle Phil and Aunt Jenny are trying to adopt a baby, and getting to play with you for an entire week had them all wrapped around your little chubby baby fingers.  They love you so much, you are lucky to have them in your life.

Sweetie, so many people love you, and you are a blessed little girl, and don't you forget it!
Of course, no body could ever love you more than your daddy or me!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sister Rilee Belnap

After 7 years of trying to get pregnant, my parents adopted me as a newborn.  8 months later, my mom got very sick.  After going to the doctors, she found out she was pregnant, and when I was 17 months old, my little sister, Rilee, was born.  Although we were very close in age, we couldn't have been more different people.  In fact, we purposely chose interests that would make us basically polar opposites.  I loved dance, so she chose sports.  She loved Harry Potter books, so I refused to read them.  When we were little I had short hair, and she had long hair, and as we got older, I grew my hair out, and she kept hers bobbed.  I'm outgoing, and she is as shy and quiet as can be.  We are so different, but I love this girl.

This girl is always thinking of others.  She serves others without a second thought.  She gives everything to those she loves. She is so calming.  She is a wonderful listener.  She is funny and cheerful.  She is tender hearted and one of the sweetest people I have ever known.

Right after the new year she received her mission call to Kobe, Japan.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  Rilee has been studying Japanese all through college, and she has already fallen in love with everything culturally that she has come across.  When she opened her call, she burst into tears because the call was a complete dream come true for her. 

Yesterday she started that dream.  For 18 months, this great girl is going to be serving the people of Japan.  Before she entered the MTC we went out to lunch and she told me "I only have one goal today, and that's to make new friends."  I haven't heard from her yet, but I'm sure she did just that, and will continue to do so for the remainder of her mission.  I miss her, and I'm sad that I can't talk to her whenever I want to, but I am more excited for her than anything.  I know this is where she is supposed to be, and I know she will grow so much from this experience.  I am so looking forward to hearing from her and learning about her first few days, her companion, and how everything is going.
  This little girl will be just over two years old when her auntie comes home.
We'll be sure to send Rilee lots of pictures and updates, and we'll also show Sadie pictures of Rilee so hopefully she will know who she is when she comes home.
Here are all of the Belnap sisters.  
Rilee, Me, Emily, and Dawniel
I am so blessed to have so many sisters, I hope Sadie has a few sisters of her own someday.  
I love mine so much my heart could just burst.
Ready or not, here she goes.  This picture makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. She looks so timid and unsure that I want to just jump in there and protect her, but at the same time, I love that she is not looking back.  Even though she is scared, she is facing forward, ready to tackle her fears head on and get out there!  I admire her so much!