Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sadie Smarty Pants

As her mother, I have this biased towards my child.  I always think she is the smartest, most beautiful, sweetest, most awesome living thing in the whole universe.  Well, the other day, Sadie was in the tub and just started counting.  She got to four, and I was happy, she got to seven and I was surprised, and when she got to ten all by herself, I was seriously floored.  I did not teach her that.  Honestly, I think playing hide and go seek with her cousins is what did it.  I pulled out my camera to film her, and by then she was a little distracted and needed a bit of prompting, but I was seriously so shocked with how high she got at the end without any help

Smarty pants girl.  Gosh, I love her, and I love being her mommy.

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