Friday, January 14, 2011


I will post again on this blog. For reals. But after I get my camera back from my parents. I accidentally left it at their house during Christmas. And I have so many things to blog about to!! I chopped my hair all short, Christmas happened, we went to St. George, New Years, final semester of college, and further life plans.

On the bright side, I had my first Senior Capstone II rehearsal today, and I feel like it was really, really great!! For this class all the seniors choreograph a piece (or pieces for the ballroom major) and create a concert to showcase their works. It's a pretty complicated and stressful class, but I feel like I'm staying on top of things well. Which is good, because I have a feeling this semester I need to stay organized and focused or I will just slip away into a senioritis oblivion and fail every one of my classes!!

Also, I am married to this really great guy named Logan. He just never ceases to remind me of how great he really is. Man alive I love him.

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  1. How awesome, you are almost done with school! Congrats Camille! Let me know when you begging the count down. I will be anxiously waiting to see these photos!