Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quarter of a Century+Cutest Baby Ever

This post is very, very, very late, but about six weeks ago (I told you it was late), Logan turned 25.  He is such a great husband and daddy, so Sadie and I wanted to do a little unexpected something to surprise him. The day before his birthday, we snuck into Smith Drug (where he works) and bought 25 balloons.  Then we came home and blew them all up and hid them in our land lord's house.  After a long day of work and studying and playing with Sadie, Logan luckily fell asleep pretty early.  I was able to sneak the balloons into the bathroom without him knowing, and then I left him a little note on the mirror.  Totally cheesy, but it says "Congratulations you had enough common 'cents' to survive to your 25th birthday!  Happy birthday!  Love, Your Wife" and stuck 25 pennies to the mirror for him to find.  The next morning he was quite surprised to find not only the decorated mirror, but the shower full of balloons as well.  He had to work most of his birthday, but that week was spring break, so we made sure to get out and play together as much as possible. 

In other news....
Here are some darling pictures of the cutest baby ever.
 When our tub is not being filled with 25 balloons, it is usually being used to bathe this little beauty (and okay, fine, shower her not as darling parents).  She loves her baths, and she especially loves her little rubber duckie that Grandpa Mark and Grandma Angie (my birthdad and his wife) gave her.
 My friend Shannon made this darling little hair clip for Sadie Lady.  I love the little feathers on it!  Her daddy's nickname is "Bird," so these little feathers make her look like my "Little Bird."
 We are starting her on solids.  She hated them at the beginning mostly, and would fight me on them every time I would try and feed her.  This was what she looked like at the end of every feeding.  Lucky for her, after every meal she would get a bath (see above); lucky for me, she is getting more used to the idea of eating solids, and more of it is getting into her mouth.
And last but not least, we are busy brainwashing this little girl into thinking that tennis is the coolest sport ever.  We're hoping she takes after he daddy and has an amazing ability and love for the sport hidden in her little body.  College scholarships, anyone?  (We are fans of free education!!)

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