Monday, December 20, 2010

Decking our Halls! Fa la la la la!

Even though this is our third Christmas together, I feel like this is the first one that we are really all grown up for. And now that finals are over, I am really trying to soak it all up, even if Christmas is this weekend.
This is our tree for Christmas 2010. It is little, but it is loved.

Our first Christmas we had been engaged for about two weeks. A few days before Christmas I started feeling weird, and by Christmas Day I had full blown strep throat, ear infections, and sinus infections. I was a hot mess. Logan spent every day during break coming to my house and letting me sleep on him while I snored like an old grandpa because I couldn't breathe. My mommy was so impressed with him for treating me so well being so kind and gentle with me. We had only dated about 2 months before getting engaged, so even though I knew Logan was the best person in the whole entire universe for me, my family just didn't know him as well as I did, and I really think that those few days over the holidays were what sealed the deal for my parents and confirmed to them that I was making a good decision about marrying Logan.
Our second, we lived in the smallest apartment EVER. We had a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree...

Our Charlie Brown Tree, Christmas 2009

My parents gave it to us as a joke. It lived in a little pot of water on our kitchen table. Yes that table is folded up and tucked away next to our couch. Smallest apartment EVER, remember? We tried to put a few ornaments on it to make it festive, but it kept falling over. It was fun on our first Christmas Morning together as husband and wife. Different, and kind of uneventful, but kind of silly. We were both so used to having kids get so excited about presents, and here we were sitting on our bed opening our presents together. But it was so sweet, we had really put thought into the few presents we could afford that year.
Christmas Morning 2009 in The Love Shack
We sure did have a lot of fun that year, laughing at ourselves and the stories we could tell our babies of our first Christmas together. Here Logan is modeling his froggy robe and slippers my mommy made for him. I have a matching set that is pink.
(In the background of this picture you can see a full HALF of our apartment. I never really got good pictures before we moved, but this was the kitchen/living room/laundry room. Off of this was our bathroom, and on the opposite side of the picture was our bedroom)

This year we moved into a bigger apartment. Our first night in our new place, we were almost asleep when Logan said "Hey! Where should we put our Christmas tree this year?!" We are so excited to have more space and to be able to decorate more. We've actually acquired quite the collection for only one year.
It all started with this little guy:

My sissy, Dawniel, gave him to us. He has slinky legs and bells on his toes. We just love him.
Next is our Santa Figurine. He's our newest addition to the decor. Margret and George gave him to us. They are my birthdad's parents. It's been great getting to know my birthfamily this year!
And then these two little treats I found on a RIDICULOUS sale at Joann's. The red berries one is on our hallway door...
And this little guy is on our door outside. I just love coming home to see it on our door!
I love being all "grown up" and decorating our little home. It has been so, so fun. Merry Christmas to all of you! Let us remember the reason for the season--The birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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