Saturday, December 18, 2010

Whoville-ation Celebration

My parents' home ward had their Christmas Party last night, and it was "Grinch" Themed. They had the whole place decorated like Whoville, complete with post office, Mt. Crumpet, Who-lympic games, and a Town Bake-off. They also had a hair contest for the best who hair. My baby (12 year old sister, and not really a baby anymore) sister, Emily, won the hair contest. And you might ask how she came across such an awesome who-do? Well, if you must know...I did it! It was a "who"le lot of fun trying to be all creative and wacky, and we had a lot of fun putting it together. As you can see in the above picture, Emily was doing her very best to try and do a "Who Face" but she ended up busting up laughing about two seconds after this was taken.
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I also got to do Dawniel's hair, and it turned out super cute. If I ever am blessed with little baby girls, their hair will look like this on Valentine's Day. Not even joking!! I got her hair to do little hearts all the way down, finished off with a big red bow. Dawniel thought I was nutzo for making her do this, but I had a lot of fun!

Here are Dawniel's hair hearts, isn't she so stinking cute?!
This is the up close look at the Christmas Tree, complete with ornaments, a tree star, and Christmas Lights (that really lit up, this is for reals yo)!!
We also did crazy tails in the back. Yes, those are easter eggs, but its because the ornaments wouldn't fit...besides Christmas, Easter, what's the difference, they're both about Jesus!! And the ribbons looked like candy canes, but my flash went a little crazy and whited out the ribbon, but it was really cute!!

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  1. Wow Camille you have SO Many talents!!! I LOVE The hair!!!!!