Saturday, May 21, 2011

23 weeks of babyliciousness

We're 23 weeks now. The little countdown on my e-mail that tells me I have only 17 weeks to get ready for this baby freaks me out a little. So much to do, in what seems like such a short amount of time. My sister in law was saying this summer would probably go by really slowly for me, but it's completely flown by...maybe once Logan goes back for summer semester time will all of the sudden go at a snails pace.

Last night I was having some overwhelming feelings of fear of change. I know we will love her and once she is here, we will not want to trade her for anything, but still, I know it's change, BIG change, and I'm scared. This would be a great time for comforting and reassuring me. Thank you, amen.
I have my next doctors appointment next week. So far everything has been perfect, we're hoping to hear the same old same old everything is right on track from Dr. Liddle. We've definitely been blessed to have such a smooth pregnancy thus far. I hope it just keeps on going like this until the very end.
My cute mother in law found this funny shirt for me. Never mind my goofy face. The shirt says "Babylicious" on it, and that's how I'm starting to feel...most definitely, undeniably babylicious, and no going back now, even though I feel like I'm already stretched to my max, I know I'm going to keep getting bigger and bigger. In fact, I'll probably look back on this in 3 or 4 months and just laugh at myself. But for now, It's really hard to comprehend myself getting even bigger than I am now.

Also, things I will kill myself if I forget--
Baby Spence loves music. She kicks around anytime it's on in the car, or especially during my dance classes I teach. Her most favorite songs to dance around to are:

Walk This Way by Aerosmith (she's my daddy's granddaughter, what can I say?)
Price Tag by Jessi J
and Look at Me Now by Chris Brown

Why she likes these specific songs beats me, but anytime they're on she just kick-kick-kicks away.

Yesterday I saw Pirates of the Carribean 4 and it must have been loud in there to her too because she was squirming around the whole 2 hours.

She loves it when we're in Primary and singing songs. This little girl likes music!

Logan is (finally) starting to feel her kick on a regular basis.

Logan and I went to the temple to do some sealings and while we were in there she was just rolling around the whole time and would start kicking during the end of every sealing. It was pretty funny to me, like she was telling us she loved being in the temple.

I love being able to feel her move around (ha, can you tell?), it makes me feel like I'm getting to know her personality a little bit before she comes out. I bet she's gonna be the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on :).


  1. You are a cute pregnant lady! It really is the best thing when you feel their spirit and personality. I always knew who Ekemona was before he was ever born. And he is 6 months now and he still is that same little boy I knew when I was pregnant with him. I am soooo happy for you guys, and especially for you for having this special experience! You will make a great mom. And for the fears... totally normal, it means you care! If you didn't have any fears I would be worried! It means you are willing to make all the changes necessary to make it great for her and for you guys. I remember feeling the same way. Overwhelmed. If you need any help please let me know! I would love to help you get organized or grab lunch so you can vent... whatever it is just let me know! It has been to long so we should get together anyways!

  2. You look way cute pregnant Camille! haha! When my mom was pregnant with my sister Kendra, she danced around when I played my viola, she did the same thing when ever music in general was playing. The weekend before she was born, she was dancing all the way through Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl. Oh it was so entertaining! haha!

  3. You look so stinkin' CUTE! Don't worry about feeling a little scared by change. I went through that too and I kept thinking "is this what I really want? Am I ready for this? What was I thinking? My whole life is going to change!" But when that baby comes, everything feels like it's how it's supposed to be. I promise. Also, I was giggling when you said baby Spence likes music! Savannah would kick and roll whenever music was playing, and I thought she was trying to tear her way out of my stomach when we went to see Tron. I'm so excited for you guys and I can't wait for our little girls to play with each other!

  4. Charlotte was funny with music. But it only seemed like at church. I was at the broadcast for the dedication of the Draper temple I think and she would only kick when they sang and stopped for the prayer. It was pretty crazy. Funny little kiddos. Don't be afraid. It's not as scary as it seems. I can't say I ever felt afraid but that could be because I was just so busy I never had time to worry. I also have a sister 10 years younger than me so I remember how much I had to help because my mom was stake young women's pres and my dad was in the bishopric so it was just me and my lil sis quite a bit. I got lucky to have that experience but it really comes naturally and you'll do great. You're so good with your nieces and nephews so you'll be amazing with your own little sweetie pie.

  5. You are too cute. can I touch your belly?

  6. Stacy...of course you can!! :) Next time I see you...