Friday, May 13, 2011


Ta Da!! Proof that I actually did it! Starting college, I never really thought I would actually end up getting a degree. My initial plan was to go to please my parents and (yes, I'll admit it) snag myself a husband. Then I would probably drop out to work to put him through school and make him lots of babies. However, when I met Logan and he told me he wanted to be a dentist, I decided I needed to get my butt in gear because why would a dentist ever want a college drop out? Although my logic throughout the whole process was faulty and immature, I am so glad that I had something to change my mind so I would FINISH.
Thanks Logan, for being such a great motivator, inspiration, and providing an endless amount of support to me to finish what I had started.
My happy parents
(I swear my mom was happy, she has a hard time smiling at the right time for the camera, hahaha)
Bill, Deana, Brynn, and her two kids, Gav and Ky came to watch me walk. I just love this picture because my mommy had made me a candy lei necklace to wear, and Gav was definitely eying it when I came out of graduation. He said he didn't want to smile for a picture, but when I told him I would give him a candy if he smiled, this was the sweet result.
(No, I'm not above bribing my nieces and nephews into doing stuff for me, why do you ask?)
(Also, I swear this kid could pass for my son, and really quite like it because he's just so darn tootin cute.)

I have no idea what I'll actually end up doing with my degree, but I am glad that if nothing else, I taught myself I can finish something, even if it is hard, or takes a long time, I know I am capable to complete the goal!

Now, onto getting ready for this sweet little girl to come into our lives, which is quite an adventure, if you ask me!


  1. Yaaay!! Congrats lady, it is a lot of work. Way to go!!! Now show us pictures of your belly please!

  2. That's so awesome!

    i'm the SAME way. Didn't really have an end goal in mind when I started school... but.. after some changes(not a husband, though)i'm now working toward 2 degrees and have considered grad school. ! So. Exciting things!

    Congrats again about baby girl spence! So exciting!!

  3. Congratulations! Such a big accomplishment! Have fun celebrating:-) xoxo