Friday, February 24, 2012

4 Generations in Flaming Gorge

My mommy's parents live in a cabin up in Flaming Gorge.  I have always loved going up to visit them.  They are seriously the cutest old people ON THE PLANET.  I have a thing for old people, I think they are adorable, and my grandparents top that list with golden stars.

My mom found these picture frames that said "Four Generations" on them and after she bought a couple, she became antsy to visit her parents with Sadie and me to get the picture to put in them.
 Four Generations

My grandma is the youngest of 9 or 10 kids, and her mom was almost 50 (yes, you read that right) when she gave birth to her.  Her oldest siblings were easily old enough to be her parents, and I'm pretty sure she never even met her grandparents.  If I remember correctly, her grandpa crossed the plains, as in with the pioneers. My grandma's grandpa knew Joseph Smith.  That is just wild to me!  My grandma was telling us these stories and kept saying the only 4 generation picture she would ever be able to hope for was one in heaven, but she isn't so sure if there are cameras there to take the picture for her!

My grandparents seriously loved Sadie Lady to bits and pieces.  They just wanted to hold her and squish her and talk to her and watch her play.  I am in love with this picture of my sweet old grandpa holding my sweet little girl, just having a little chat.  I have been blessed with amazingly kind and loving grandparents, and I am so glad they were able to meet the most precious thing I have ever had in my life, my wonderful daughter.

We had a great weekend full of stories of my grandparents' past, crafting, cooking, and just visiting.  I love being in their home, and can't wait to get up there to visit them again as soon as Logan is out of school for the summer.


  1. We should plan a trip together. I want your grandma to teach me some cake decorating (even though I know her hands won't let her demonstrate, she can at least talk me through it and tell me when/what I'm doing wrong). That could be a fun trip.

  2. Yes!! That would be so fun! And my mom does the cakes too, so I've watched her do them growing up. I'm no good at doing it myself, but it would be fun to try it out!