Friday, February 24, 2012

Adalyn Comes Down from Heaven

Well the triplet cousins are all here now!  

January 27th Brynn and Casey had their third baby, but their first girl, Adalyn. She has so much hair she looks like she is wearing a wig.
She squeaks like a little bicycle horn when she cries.
She is teeny tiny and very sweet.
She makes my baby look like a giant.
 Here is their first picture together, all three of them looking a little doofy.
Probably this picture will be on their wedding slide show.  I just love these girls.
I seriously get all giddy and silly inside when I think about these cousins all being so close in age.  I am not really close with any of my cousins, and was always jealous growing up when people at school would talk about how their cousins were their best friends.  These girls are so dang lucky!!  I am hoping they will all be the best of friends.  I'm hoping I have a house full of girl cousins in the future, all painting their nails, or giggling about boys at school, or having sleep overs, or getting ready for school dances together.  And honestly, how sweet of a deal would that be...we mommies would all know and trust our daughters' best friends' families, because hey, they are our family too.

I love my family so dang much!!  
Logan and I are so blessed!!  Sadie is so blessed!! Our other future babies are so blessed too!!

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