Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Love Shack

This is The Love Shack. Not just any Love Shack, the Spence Love Shack. Yes, do you see this teensy, weensy box of an apartment? This is where we live. Don't let your eyes fool you into thinking maybe it's bigger than it appears. It is most definitely as small as it looks. And we love it here.

Through the front door is our kitchen/living room/laundry room all rolled into one. One step down the hall is the bathroom...with a tiny shower and a toilet you have to slide into like a desk with the sink right over your lap. One more step down the hall, and you reach the bedroom. Our bed is so long we can't ever shut the bedroom door. We've had to get really creative with our storage situation, and it looks like a bomb went off if you set just one thing down, but we're making it work. It has gorgeous wood floors and beautiful cabinets. The bathroom was remodeled right before we moved in and the shower has pretty tiles in it. There are tons of windows all over that we love to open and feel the breeze come through our home. Our landlords are awesome people, and let us have free access to their hot tub, fire pit, and grill, which we are loving now that it's not snowy anymore. Our neighbors are fantastic. The ward is great. And we really just love it. As the words from my favorite song go....The Love Shack is a little place where we can get together, yeah. Well, except we can't fit more than 4 adults in the place. But we still have couple dinner parties as often as we can. I love having my own place to entertain in!

We moved in last June, after everything had bloomed and this spring has been so gorgeous seeing all of the trees covered in flowers. My favorite is the tree right next to our front porch. It smells fantastic and has beautiful pink blossoms all over it. Anyone know what tree it is just by looking at it? I told Logan we have to get one when we are grown up and have our own house.

Aren't these just gorgeous? They smell so wonderful too! This tree makes me smile everytime I go outside of our little home. It's just the best tree ever. I'm quite attached.

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