Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dear Kyson...

Dear Kyson,

To my bestest birthday present I have ever gotten, I love you my Kyson Mckay. I was so excited when I found out your mom was pregnant with you, and that she was due the day after my birthday. I remember sitting on the couch in Grandma Deana's house in between conference sessions telling her she should have you one day early, so we would share birthdays. I was so excited when it actually happened. I remember the day so vividly. I kept texting Logan about every half hour seeing if you were born yet. I was so antsy to see you for the first time! After dinner with my family, we came to the hospital to visit you. I remember seeing you for the first time and just thinking you were the most perfect baby I had ever seen in my whole life. You were so tiny and pink, and your face was so handsome. You were the first nephew that was born after I came into the Spence Family. I was so excited that I would always be in your life, and that we were going to be able to share birthdays forever.

You are such a sweet little boy. You just love your mom, but you're starting to open up more and you are learning to like playing with Logan and me. When Logan and I were playing with you at that playground by your house, you were so darn adorable on the slide. The first time you came down you flipped around and came out head first. I was worried you would be scared by this, but when I pulled you out you said "adin!" so I passed you back up to your Uncle Logan. You went down again and again, and by the end you were holding yourself up on the slide, pushing yourself down to get started, and you even mimicked my "Weee!!" I said every time you came down. You showed me how fast you can learn, and it was so amazing to watch.

You have the cutest smile ever ever ever. I love your big teeth, and the way you scrunch up your nose. Usually your smile accompanies a little squeal of glee. I love spoiling you and bribing you to come to me with candy and other treats. You are so cute toddling over to me with that fat teeth, scrunch nose, squealy smile to get a bite of some sort of goody, I just can't help but spoil you again and again.

You are starting to roar like your big brother. You are such a little copy cat, and watch his every move. You also like to tease him, and even though it makes Gavin a little annoyed, I can't help but laugh at you two.

I love your crazy hair. I love your blue eyes. I love your little legs. I love your big teeth. I love your little squeals. I love your pudgy tummy. I love your slobbery kisses. Really, I just love you, a whole bunch.

Thank you for being the cutest, best birthday buddy. I love you Ky-Ky.

Aunt Camille

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