Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear William...

Dear Baby Will Will,

You little bundle of chubbers, slobbers, and smiles. I remember going to the hospital to see you when you were born. Kyson was the first baby nephew I had met, and I was so scared I wouldn't be able to love you as much as all the others. But how silly of me, because the second I laid eyes on you, with your chubby cheeks and your thick dark hair, I felt my heart get a little bit bigger, and I loved you right from that second. You were the first baby that really showed me that I couldn't run out of love. I couldn't believe how perfect you looked. You and Kyson looked so different, and yet you both came out so beautifully perfect. As weird as it sounds, it was comforting that I could love you both so much, no matter how different you were, because I'm sure my kids will all be different, and I will be able to love them so much too. I am so grateful that you, as small as you are, could teach me that valuable life lesson.

You are such an incredibly sweet and happy baby. Your mommy calls you a little dolly, and she is spot on with that nick name. I've always described you to other people as a real life Cabbage Patch Kid. You have always been so good when other people hold you, and you love to snuggle. I have been fascinated with watching you grow teeth. Maybe because you are always smiling so I can always see them, but I just love looking at your tiny mouth and seeing your cute little pearly whites coming in one by one.

You have the bluest eyes I have ever seen on a kid. They are so bright and are always aware, looking around checking things out. You always look like you're smiling with those little blue eyes of yours. You also have the cutest chubby cheeks too. They're so squeezable and pinchable, and everyone does just that, and you don't seem to mind too seem to enjoy the attention.

You are so patient with your older siblings. You're constantly being hauled around and having them in your face, and you just love it. You are also so enthusiastic. If you see something you want (like ice cream, your favorite), you will squeal so we all know it. You are so exploratory, always on the go, trying to find something new. You are so fun to watch, you're so often getting excited about things, and that little smile of yours is so contagious.

Thank you for being such an amazingly adorable, squishy, sweet, and funny nephew. I love you so much!! Just thinking of you now makes me miss you and want to give you a squeeze and kiss your cheeks off. I love you, Will Will. I love you, I love you, I love you.


Aunt Camille

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