Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

 We went up to Temple Square with the whole Spence Family.  Sadie LOVES our Christmas tree at home, and will stare at the lights forever, so we thought she would maybe like to see lots and lots of trees all lit up.  We bundled her up to a ridiculous degree...think Ralphie on "A Christmas Story" that falls over and can't get up because he's wearing so many layers.  But she stayed warm, and seemed to enjoy it a little.  Honestly, she fell asleep through most of it, and woke up for the very end to take a peek, but she really liked the 5 minutes she was awake for!  I think next year she'll get a little more excited about the whole idea.
Our little family.  
Look at her pink fluffy legs...they are only really half that size, she was bundled up LOTS.
 Her sweet eyes taking a peek.
Most adorable thing ever, yes?
This was on our way out into the cold.  We had just woken her up to get her in her snow suit and hat, and she was less than thrilled about it.  Her face just cracks me up here...she looks like one of those cats with the squished up faces!!  Oh my, I am just so in love with my baby!!

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