Thursday, December 15, 2011

To My Sweet 3 Month Old Baby Girl

My Little Sweetums,

I literally call you "Sweetums" so many times a day, you are probably confused at what your name is.  I can't help myself because you really are the sweetest thing in my world.  I am that annoying mother who thinks their child is the most perfect being to grace the planet...except I don't think, I know you actually are.  Don't let it go to your head little one.

This month we had...constipation issues.  Yes, it is true.  Thank goodness for brave Grandma Ilene, who came to your rescue many a time to help you poop with torturous ways like glycerin suppositories.  I'm sorry, your mommy is a chicken still...but Grandma is brave, brave, brave.  I think we are on the up and up on that issue, though.  You are pooping more regularly...please keep it up.  And please don't hate me in the future for posting about your potty habits on the web.  Thank you dear one.

You are seriously the dang cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on.  When you came home from the hospital, I swore you would NEVER be as cute as you were those first few days, and I seriously mourned that you would get bigger and not be as cute.  Oh my, was I ever wrong.  Yes, Sweetums, you were darling then, but you are sooooooo much cuter now than I could have ever imagined.  You smile ALL THE TIME.  Your most favorite things to smile at this month are Christmas Lights, Daddy and me, and other little kids.  You love your cousins, especially Bailey and Avery (my side of the family's Avery, not the one that is coming down from heaven next week).  They are both almost 2 years old, and love to giggle, love, and snuggle on you, and you love smiling at them.  Yesterday while I was reading the mail, you were squealing at the pictures of them on their Christmas cards on the fridge.  I love that you already love other babies and children.  I feel like you still remember all your siblings up in Heaven, and you are excited to have other children in your life more regularly.  Give your parents a few years to get our feet back under us again from having you though, please.  But trust me, I'm excited to meet them too.  I'm sure they are just as awesome as you.

You are usually sleeping through the night now!!  You go down at around 8, wake up at 11 to eat, and then don't wake up again until 7:30 the next morning.  It rocks my world.  I am seriously loving it!  I am so proud of you for sleeping for so long!

You are still a petite little thing.  Haven't gained much weight or length from your 2 month appointment, the doctor told us to keep an eye on that for next month (you have barely cracked 10 pounds, and are 22 inches long).  But you eat lots, and you don't spit up a ton, so I don't know where all this milk is going!  Grow my little one! (But at the same time, not too fast)

You laughed a little at Daddy yesterday.  He was singing Alvin and the Chipmunk's "Christmas Song" to you, and whenever he would sing the words "hula hoop" you would laugh at him.  We basically melted with joy over this.  It was seriously the cutest, most bestest sound I have ever heard in this life.  I look forward to when you giggle more, sweet thing.

You snuggle lots.  You are recognizing other people.  You love watching Baby Einstein videos.  You love having us read books to you.  You go back and forth about liking or detesting your binkie.  You are a full fledged hand sucker...we tried to deter you from that, but you fought us on that, and won the battle.  You are very, very sweet.  Most of all, you are probably the most loved baby I have ever met, and don't you forget it!!  I say this all the time, but seriously, thank you for coming to our family.  I can't even imagine my life without you in it anymore.  I am so stoked I get to be your mommy forever!!

Your #1 Fan,


  1. So cute! Little Sadie is so adorable! Savannah was a hand sucker too, but she grew out of it. Now she's a finger-chewer haha! I guess whatever comforts them!

  2. I am reading this at work (shhh...don't tell anyone) and I laughed out loud when you talked about Logan singing the Chipmunk's song...I can totally picture him singing and I love that little Sadie gets to have such a fun and cute dad.