Friday, December 23, 2011

Sadie meets her BFF (#1)

Autumn had her sweet baby girl on Tuesday!  That means two of the three girl cousin triplets are here!  Brynn (number 3 baby girl is still baking in her tummy) said she imagined Avery coming down "Saturday's Warrior" know, when the spirit stands on the platform and dissolves as they are being born...leaving her baby girl all alone up there.  Don't worry Girly, you'll be down here too in about a month (we're all super excited to meet you)!  I seriously think these three girls must be the best of friends, since they all decided to come into the same family within 5 months of each other.  What lucky little girls to have the opportunity to be best friends and cousins.  I hardly know any of my cousins, but I'm glad that my babies will know theirs.

Anyhoo...Avery is here, and she is precious beyond words. Almost (but not quite) as cute as Sadie was when she was brand new...but I mean, as her mommy, I'm bound to be biased :).  She has the cutest chubby little cheeks, and the brightest eyes; she cries like a kitten, and has long fingers and toes.  She was a breech baby too, so she is always trying to get her feet up by her head since that's how she grew, which I find both adorable and amusing.  And this girl, she already loves her binkie.  She can hold it in a thousand times better than Sadie.  (Maybe Avery will teach Sadie a new trick)
Avery Lyn

It is really fun for me to snuggle on Avery and think back on when Sadie was that tiny.  Even though it wasn't even 4 months ago, I feel like Sadie has been here forever, so it seems like it's been a lot longer.

Also...everyone comments on how tiny my Sadie Lady still is...but now that I've seen her up next to a smaller, newer baby, I feel like my baby has magically gotten ginormous.  How quickly we forget how tiny they are when they come.  I mean, look at this picture...Sadie looks huge next to teensy little Avery!!

I am so grateful Avery is here, safe and sound, and healthy as can be.  I am seriously ecstatic for Sadie to have her friend here!  In only 5 more weeks, we'll have another sweet little spirit in our family, and the triplet cousins will be reunited!  (Dude, how humongous is my baby girl going to look next to the new baby then?!)


  1. I can't believe how close all these kids are gonna be! I'll probably be a couple weeks behind Brynn (keeping my fingers crossed on that :))and Ashlee will probably be a couple weeks behind me. Crazy!

  2. What?! I didn't even know Ashlee was pregnant! Tell her congrats!!