Thursday, June 24, 2010

We survived Europe, I swear.

Logan and I have now been back from Europe for over a week, so I can't say I was just at the Eiffel Tower just last week anymore...sniff...

But we have oodles of pictures and I swear that I will post them soon. I'm not sure how soon. I am currently at UVU's Library, where I'm SUPPOSED to be studying and researching for a paper I have to write for Dance History, the bane of my degree and sole reason I sometimes consider just getting pregnant so I can drop out (kidding, most of the time). This class is insane, and me doing it in 7 weeks instead of 16 is also insane. So, as I periodically have mental breakdowns and burst into hysterical tears for the remainder of my summer, I'll try my best to remind myself that I ASKED FOR THIS and THIS IS A GOOD THING SO I CAN JUST FOCUS ON THIS ONE CLASS. But I will still inevitably whine I am sure. And I apologize in advance.

Pictures to come. I promise.