Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ooh Baby Baby!!!!

Yesterday I graduated from UVU, and my in-laws were SO kind to let us crash their house for a graduation party last night. Basically my whole family and Logan's whole family was there, and it was so fun to just hang out and eat some great food (Thanks again, Deana!).

I'm now 20 weeks, and last week we decided to pull a little trick on everyone. Originally I was to have my 20 week appointment on Tuesday, and then schedule the ultra sound for the next week, so I wouldn't be able to know the gender until after graduation. However, as it got closer, I decided I just couldn't wait long enough and called the doctor's office to see if they could pull a few strings for me and get me in sooner for my ultrasound. The nurse that answered the phone thought it would be super fun to help me find out before graduation so I could tell everyone at the barbeque, so she let me schedule the ultrasound for this past Monday, rather than the next week.

Logan and I kept it a secret from everyone in the fam (which, if you know me, is SOOOOOO hard, I am a terrible secret keeper when it comes to stuff like this), and got the ultrasound and found out the gender. Then we had to keep playing off like our ultrasound wouldn't be until the next Monday, which was soooooooooo hard to keep from my mommy.

Finally Friday rolled around....
We took my first belly picture together.
Hooray, I'm getting out of the awkward chubby-maybe pregnant stage!
(But not quite into the big-as-a-barn and so uncomfortable stage)
Logan and I decided to make cupcakes together, which were delicious if I do say so myself :). We frosted half of the tops with pink, and half with blue, but filled the cupcake with the color that would really tell what the gender was. Then we passed them out to everyone and had everyone take a bite...

And it was pink!!!!
We are having a baby girl!!!!

Everyone was so excited to hear the news, but really, I don't think anyone's excitement could have topped Logan's during the ultrasound. He was just giddy to find out that this little baby is a little lady and that he will have his very own little girl to cuddle in just 4 months. He is so sweet to her already, he always wants to talk to her, and wants to feel her move SOOOO badly. She already has him wrapped around her tiny fetus fingers, I can only imagine what kind of mess he's going to be when she's actually OUTSIDE of me and he can hold her himself. Or when she's walking and talking...or *gasp* when she's 16 asking for the keys to his car. I love Logan so much, and I love watching him just fall in love with our baby girl, he is going to be the best dad in the world, I just know it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Endings, New Beginnings, and Predictions

The end is near...for my college degree that is. Yesterday was the dreaded dress rehearsal and opening show for our senior capstone concert, a show where all the seniors in the dance department choreograph pieces and produce an entire concert in one semester. It has been a challenging class, that is for sure! There have been multiple mishaps throughout the semester for my pieces...from complete music changes and having to gut the whole choreography 2 months into rehearsal, to having the girl in both of my pieces break her hand 8 days before the concert opened. I've resolved most everything--switched to a song that I could re-chunk all my choreographed movement into in a different order more or less, and finding a last minute replacement for both pieces--a miracle girl who learned the whole 3 1/2 min cha-cha routine in about 2 hours of rehearsal, and myself being able to disguise my baby bump enough to pull off dancing my foxtrot non-prego looking, and have had to relearn the process of calming down and not overly stressing the small stuff. That, in and of itself, is one DIFFICULT lesson for me, since I seem to get rounds of trials to remind me of what I should have already learned years ago.

However, last night's concert went fantastic. Tonight my mother in law, sister in law, and husband will be in the audience, which is wonderfully exciting because I love having people I know in the audience, and tomorrow my family will be coming to the show as well. I am relieved that the show is almost over, but a bit sad that I won't be spending time with all the women I have made friends with throughout my degree. In a week from today, I will be graduated, and everyone will be moving away, getting married, starting new adventures, and I'm sure we will all lose touch a bit as we all go our separate ways. I have learned a lot from these women in the department, and it's been fun to watch us grow and change as we have worked our way through the program.

I am so very much looking forward to our new adventures after graduation though. In only 21 weeks I will have a small thing to snuggle and love on. I am both terrified and ecstatic at this prospect. I'm sure that's normal. It will be a lot of change. Good change, but change--which is scary. I'm currently 19 weeks prego, and just this past week or so I've been starting to feel little flutters from this little one, making this whole pregnancy feel just that much more real. Next week will be half way, I can't believe how fast it has gone. At my appointment next week I will be able to schedule my ultra sound, which probably won't be until the week after graduation, but just knowing that in only a week and a half I will know if this little one will be a she baby or a he baby is so exciting to me.

So, with that, place your final predictions. I've had probably about half and half of people saying it's a boy or girl. I have no idea what it is. At first I was dead set that it HAD to be a girl, but then a few weeks in I thought it could definitely be a boy, and now I'm just right in the middle. I've had dreams about having both. Logan doesn't have any feelings either way either. We just want to know so we can start getting ready, and I know we will be just so excited about either. Just thinking about it makes me so giddy.

So, if you want to make any guesses, it's now or never...because in just a few short days we will know! I am so excited!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Laugh or Cry

Today I was reminded that God really does have a sense of humor, and he sure is a funny guy.

Logan and I have been in the process of applying for medicaid for prenatal coverage for this baby. It was going pretty smoothly, until they went to pull up my file, and under my social security number, was listed a DIFFERENT PERSON. They officially put me through the ringer to get it straightened out, and they did fix it all, and cleared that other person from my records, and it's all fine and dandy NOW, but AT THE TIME, it was mega, mega, mega stressful.

I don't handle stress well.
The week before our wedding I was in the hospital with an ulcer.
Again, I do NOT handle stress well.
I know it's something I need to work on.

Apparently, when you are stressed, your body releases toxins. When toxins are released, it stresses the baby out. When lots are released at once, your body wigs out. These toxins decided to set up camp in my right shoulder, trap muscle, and neck. A week ago, I was sore, and had head aches, but as the week went on, the pain got much more intense, and by Friday I could barely lift my arm, or turn my head. I couldn't get from laying down to sitting up or visa versa without Logan helping me, and I couldn't roll over without help either. I was in pain, folks. So, after several nights of not sleeping well, and hurting all the time, I went back to my doctor to get it checked out. My muscle kept doing this weird charley horse thing, so they put cortizone in the muscle via 3 shots, prescribed me a low dosage of lortab to help me sleep, and put me in this sexy, sexy neck brace to help my muscles relax.
Don't lie, I know you are super jealous.

So today, when I'm finally starting to feel better, I'm craving egg salad sandwiches, like bad. I start to boil eggs, which I've done before without problems. I go through the whole process, and when I'm done I start to peel the eggs....and the yolks are mushy runny. I get on my trusty Google and see how to salvage the other 5 eggs. Some lady said she sometimes microwaved her eggs at the very end to finish cooking the yolk. 2 minutes at 50% she said. Cover with saran wrap she said. Google has never failed me yet, I said, and decided to give it a try.

I placed them in a bowl, covered in saran wrap, and got those little eggies in the microwave. I went to the bedroom to continue with some homework, and KAAAAAAABBBBLAAAMMMOOOO!! A huge crash came from the kitchen. I thought the microwave somehow fell off the counter.


All 5 eggs spontaneously exploded in the microwave, out the doors, and across my kitchen, splattering the wall ACROSS THE ROOM over my oven. It was on the fridge, down the cabinets, in the sink, all over the floor. And when I opened the microwave, I found this...
So I had a choice people, I could laugh or cry.
And I, Camille Marie Spence, in my neck brace of sexiness,
sat down in the middle of the egg mess,
and laughed my freaking head off.

And then I took pictures. And then I texted my husband. And then I called my mom, who also laughed, to the point of nearly peeing her pants.

Sometimes you can only laugh or cry,
But laughing is MUCH MORE FUN.