Sunday, February 20, 2011

New News (Big Time News) for Team Spence!!

Logan and I are going to have a baby!
This baby is due September 15, 2011.
We're super excited.
Super duper excited.

So far I'm 10 weeks along, almost 11. I haven't been TOO sick, which has been a blessing.
Now if I could just get myself through my very last semester at UVU, so we can start getting ready for this sweet baby!! (senioritis is running rampant at our house)

With any luck, our baby will look something like this:
I would just die of happiness.
Logan was the cutest-patootist baby.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010 Spence Style

I know, failure for not posting about Christmas until almost Valentine's Day. My apologies.
Santa brought quite the loot this year, including a pretty clock to hang in our kitchen
and some new pillows for our bed.
Christmas is bizarre when you're married with no children, folks.
Bill and Deana (and this year Aaron) go to each of their married children's homes to check out what Santa brought to each of them. Since we were severely uneventful, having no kids to watch get excited about Christmas morning and the magic of it all, we invited them over for breakfast. That morning we made biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and juice, which might just have to be a yearly tradition because it was delicious!!
Logan's favorite gift was his Seinfeild Soup Nazi shirt I gave to him.
He looks mighty handsome in it, if I do say so myself.
And my most FAVORITE gift (ever!!!) is my candy apple red Kitchen Aid mixer.
My husband freaking rocks.

And well, happy holidays yo.

Spence Family Christmas Party 2010

Every year on Christmas Eve, Logan's parents host a Christmas Eve party for their whole family. I always love going because it's a change to see EVERYONE at the SAME TIME and the SAME PLACE. Also, the amazing food, great company, and hilarious kids certainly rock too.

Every year we rotate family names and one family will give to another family. This year we had The Losee Family. Gavin and Kyson are 3 and 1 and the most boyish boys I have ever met. They love tools, trains, trucks, dinosaurs, monsters, anything that just screams "boy." They are super easy to please, and Logan and I had so much fun searching for just the right present for them. They get so excited about everything, and we were so highly anticipating seeing their faces when they opened up their presents. We made them both twinner little coloring books that I made with family pictures that I learned how to make here. The pages were actually pictures of them, their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and their mommy and daddy. They turned out super-dooper cute. Along with their coloring books, we gave Gavin a race car track. You can make the track whatever shape you want. It comes with bridges, gates, and two battery operated cars that speed around the track.
He was pretty excited. Brynn and Casey said they woke up to him playing with it on Christmas Morning before they went down to open their own presents.
That night at the party, they told him he had to wait until they were home to open it up. He dragged that box around with him EVERYWHERE, and even used it as a little bench while he watched the rest of the family open up their presents. It was pretty darn cute.

Kyson has been loving tools, hard hats, and anything that has to do with construction and building things. We found him this little tool belt, complete with hard hat.
He is such a tiny dude, he looked so cute playing dress up with them.
But of course, what did he really have more fun with that night?
The netted bag that the tool set came in.
Silly Boy.

Aaron gave gifts to our little family. He is a smarty pants, and gave us the perfect gift...two gift certificates to two of our favorite restaurants so we can go on dates. We are looking forward to using them very soon!! Thanks Aaron!!

The day Cailie chopped my hairs.

It's been over a month and a half, but I've been a total and complete blogging slacker. Two days before Christmas I called my friend, Cailie, and told her to come over, it was time for a change of my hairs. Cailie is a hair stylist, and she is the boss of what I can and can not do with my hairs. This is not because she is mean, this is because she loves me and because she knows that if I make drastic, sudden changes with my hair, the control freak inside of me will have an absolute conniption fit. I had talked with her for a few months about chopping my hairs, and finally, when I brought it up again, she said she thought it would actually be a good idea.

We decided to donate what we could to Locks of Love, since I've highlighted my hair, I couldn't donate anything that bleach had been used on. The top half had been processed, but not the bottome half, so that hair was good to go.
She chopped it, and chopped it good. With fourteen inches of hair sealed in a bag, and placed in a padded envelope, it was off to help make wigs for some lucky kiddo.
It was a little scary, and I'll admit to slightly hyperventilating while this picture was being taken, I've really liked having short hair for the first time in my life! I don't get sad anymore, but right after I had cut it, if I did start to get a little sentimental, if I thought about the little girl or boy that would get a wig made with some of my hair, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.
And I would do it all over again. No regrets.