Sunday, July 3, 2011

29 Weeks Down, 11 More to Go!!

Do you see this? I look like a legit prego!! I'm actually almost 30 weeks, which means after this week, we'll be down to single digit weeks left on the countdown. Crazy!!

Things as of late:
--Baby Spence is around 3 pounds, and 15 inches long from head to heel. She's getting cramped up in there, and she keeps trying to stretch out into my ribs...which is quite uncomfortable.
--My favorite thing she does when she stretches out, is we can feel her whole back and little baby bum up against my left side. It's so wild, and just feels so weird.
--I have to pee all the time. I mean, seriously, about one billion times a day.
--It's also starting to get hard to sleep, but after getting my "pillow cave" figured out (body pillow along one side, one pillow for my head, and two pillows on the other side in case I roll over...I need to have one in between my knees, and one under my tummy. Logan thinks it's a little high maintenance, but I just do what I gotta do), and my sister in law Autumn told me she took a half a Unisom to help sleep, I've been having much better nights for the past 3-ish nights, which feels great.
--Baby Spence doesn't like fireworks...we were watching some for the 4th and she kept jumping around every time they popped like she was scared. I think she'll probably be a crying mess next year.
--Hands and feet are starting to swell a bit. Not very bad, but enough that sometimes I'm afraid I won't be able to get my wedding ring off at night, when it's the worst.
--HEARTBURN. Constantly, basically no matter what. Equate's Mint Tums are my BFF.
--It's quite warm. I wasn't that heat-tolerant before, but now I hate hate hate being outside. Even walking out to the car to go somewhere is beastly. I'm a huge fan of ice water, the shade, and fans while being outside. Thank goodness we live in a freezing cold basement apartment. AKA, Logan freezes, and I'm in heaven.

--Popsicles, especially Pace's Fruit Bars (Peach and Lime are the best)
--Fruit in general
--Occasionally chocolate, except it makes my heartburn TERRIBLE.

I am so grateful everything is going so smoothly. Every time we go to the doctor, everything has been right on track, and we're relatively complication free. Only 2 1/2 months left, and I think they'll fly right by. We're both getting antsy to meet this little girl, so I sure hope it goes by quickly!!

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  1. you look so stinkin' cute!!! And I know how you feel with her jumping around during fireworks, Savy hated movie theaters and sporting events when I was pregnant with her haha! I can't wait to meet this baby girl!