Thursday, July 21, 2011

Steamboat Springs, CO

Logan's parents have a timeshare, and we are lucky enough to use it and take family vacations together. Last weekend we went to Steamboat Springs with the gang, and it was so fun!
We hiked to Fish Creek Falls,
Which was gorgeous.

Mostly we hung out at the pool A LOT.
Something about being in the pool 7 months pregnant is WONDERFUL.
We had a KILLER game of "Monkey in the Middle" going on, with everyone, I mean everyone, even Deana :). It was so fun!
(Doug makes a funny "sea monster" when he's trying to get the ball from you. Terrifying, in a laugh your head off way)
Also, the boys thought it would be cool to make a 4 man tower.

And they were successful....
Most hilarious moment ever.
Check out Doug's face...hahaha.
And this is for Autumn...her and her cute baby.
Bailey was so dang funny in the pool with us, I stinking love her guts.

We had such a great time up there, it was so relaxing, and full of lots and lots of laughs. Thanks Mom and Dad Spence for inviting us up! We really enjoyed our weekend there!

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