Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daddy Logan

We're getting the nursery ready for the baby.
Logan set up the crib today.
It's feeling a lot more real being able to walk in and see the room coming together.
This baby is so lucky to have Logan as a daddy.
He is so great with kids.
He loves playing with our nieces and nephews.
He loves running with them, tackling them, wrestling them, snuggling them, throwing them in the air, he just loves them all a whole bunch.
He's got a special little attachment to Bailey.
She loves him back. A lot.
I love watching him play with her, it's like "practice" for our baby.
He seriously adores her to pieces.
We joke around that if his niece can get him so wrapped up around her little finger,
he's going to be A TOTAL MESS when he has a daughter.
(I bet it will take about 3 seconds after her being in his arms that he will be a melty, goopy, in love with his daughter mess)
But for now he keeps practicing on Bailey.
He can't help himself...she's just so darn cute!
(Her mama's real pretty too.)

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  1. Love this! We need to have you guys over for dinner to thank you for all your help. Email/message me and let me know what sunday or monday evenings work for you.