Monday, July 11, 2011

Wish List

We are loved. A lot, and by a lot of people, and we are super duper blessed by all these people. We have been given so many things for this baby already, and have been really lucky to find wonderful deals on things like a crib and stroller, and Logan's sisters have been wonderful to let me borrow things like a swing and a bassinet for when this little girl arrives.

My dad has a younger brother who is actually closer in age to me than to him. He's married to a seriously awesome gal. They have two little girls, one almost 6, and one who will be 1 in a few days, and they are adorable. When they found out we were having a girl, they so kindly gave us all their baby clothes that their baby is so quickly growing out of.

And then I have a friend from school who also gave me some hand me down clothes after her sweet little girls grew out of them.

And then my birthdad Mark and his cool wife Angie had a baby last June, and they are done with the having kids thing too...and gave us all of their (practically new) clothes, along with some other things like a baby bathtub, a play mat, and such.

We are BLESSED to have received all of these things. I will admit, we are poor, struggling college students just trying to do what we feel is right for our family, and trying our darndest to follow what God has in plan for us. We are not "settled" in a career or a home or really anything. But we realize that we have been so blessed by those around us, who love us, and support us. These kind acts are only a few of about one billion that have already happened, and we are so grateful to all the support we have received.

Since we have been given so many things already, there are things we don't really need (like clothing), so my dear mother asked me to post a list of things we still need for our little girl, so if you are another wonderful person who loves us, and want an idea for what we are still needing (for shower gifts and such), here you go (and thank you so much!!)--

-Diapers and Wipes
-Baby Shampoo, Soap, Lotion, etc.
-Diaper cream, powder, vaseline
-Baby Thermometer
-Baby medicines--Tylenol, Gas Drops, Motrin, etc.
-Medicine dropper or spoon
-Swaddling/Receiving blankets
-Burp cloths/wash cloths
-Hooded Towels
-Diaper Genie
-Changing Pad and Covers
-Crib sheets
-Baby hangers
-Breast Pump
-Bottles, Milk storage containers/bags
-Nursing Pads
-Lanolin Lotion
-Bottle brushes/drier rack
-Snack containers, sippies, dinner ware
-High Chair
-Organization bins/baskets/jars
-Umbrella Stroller
-Children Books

We're also registered at Babies 'R Us and Target. And of course, we would put gift cards to good use :)

Like I said, we have been so incredibly blessed to have already been given so many things for this baby. She is already so loved by everyone, and is seriously the luckiest girl I know to have the extended family and friends that she will have.

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  1. I am a hand me down kinda girl. I think everything we own is a hand me down or something we already owned and brought into our marriage. From our 15 yr old bed to our 70s couch. All of Charlotte's stuff is hand me downs... minus a few clothes... or we found stuff at DI. We actually scored on a swing($8), changing table ($6), and bouncer($3). Not bad. And I bet your DI's out there are waaaaaaaay nicer than Tooele's so totally hit those up too! But I take no shame. We're poor. Scott works his butt off to pay the bills so we can have a house and he's even put of school for a bit while we start our family. Hand be downs are great. I bet by the end of your shower you'll be totally taken care of. Can't wait for the new baby Spence to be born!