Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Braxton...

Dear Braxton,

I credit you with the beginnings of me falling in love with Logan. You were the first nephew I got to meet, and seeing Logan play with you was so adorable, I knew he was a quality guy I should definitely get to know.

You were so cute that day. I could barely understand you when you spoke, but I do remember you wanted to drive in Grandpa's wooden truck out back to go to Disneyland and buy "candy" which was the gravel surrounding the truck. You let me sit up front while you drove, and made Logan sit in the back. You instantly became my friend. Later that night when I went to Brynn's house for the first time, you remembered me, and gave me the warmest hug.

You haven't changed a bit when it comes to being friends with everyone. You even tell everyone that they are your best friend. You aren't shy in the least bit, and will talk to anyone with ears. You are a definite charmer, which can be good and bad, because you sure are cute, but you definitely know how to put on that puppy dog face to get what you want. We think you will be the funny guy in high school that everyone likes because you are everyone's friend. We're so excited to see how you turn out!

I love that you tell me I'm a-gorgeous. It makes me smile every time. I love when you tell me I'm your best friend, or when you say I'm your favorite aunt, even if your only reason is because I'm married to Logan, but it's still good to hear. I love when you tell me you like my Power Rangers shirt, because I totally bought it thinking of you, and think of you every time I put it on. I love when you play Sorry with me, even if usually you and Logan gain up on me and I end up losing. I love when you "squeeze my guts out." It's something we've been doing to each other from the very beginning, and I love that you still remember that I said that one of the first days we met.

You are so sweet with your sister. You love her to bits and pieces, and are always wanting to squeeze and kiss her. It is so cute to see her smile when she hears your voice. She really loves you.

You make Logan feel like a total rockstar uncle. He loves that you will play with him for hours and hours and never get bored of him. He loves that you call him on the phone to ask him to come over and play. He loves that you will wrestle with him and chase him around. He always has the funniest stories to tell me when he gets home from playing with you.

Thank you for being the funniest, cutest nephew a girl could ask for. I love you to smithereens.


Aunt Camille

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