Saturday, July 17, 2010

European Adventure--Paris Pt. 3

The same day we went to Sacre Coeur we also went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Interesting Facts: The tower was built in 1889 for the World's Fair by Gustave Eiffel. After the fair they put it in Paris and the people HATED IT!!! They were going to tear it down, but decided against it when the radio boom hit and they put a radio tower in it to receive broadcasts. It weighs 7000 tons, and is 1,040 feet high. It sways 4 inches in high winds and grows or shrinks up to 6 inches according to temperature.
This is the view from the second floor (There are 3)
And this is us kissing on the top of the Eiffel Tower! It was a joke that we were going to do this on our anniversary (well, we were 2 days late), so we had to document it.
After we came down. I sure love him.
Our last night we went to the Eiffel Tower, just like any other night. However, the World Cup was going on, and they had a HUMONGOID screen right below the tower that they showed all the soccer games on. People got so dressed up, painted their faces, carried flags, and shouted all these cheers all up and down the streets, on the metro, in our hotel, it was nuts. Our last night Brazil played, so Logan donned his Brazil sweatshirt, we went to a crepe stand and got our last crepes (I teared up a little), and watched the game. They won, so this is our victory picture!

Our trip was so fun, and we are so glad we went. It is definitely something we will remember for the rest of our lives. We got a bit of a travelling bug, and we're already wanting to go explore more of the world and take another adventure together. Next on our dream list is Greece, Italy, and Austria. Of course, we're now broke as a joke from this trip, so we'll have to wait until we're more established, but we can still dream, right?


  1. What an awesome trip and opportunity and way to document! You totally need to make a book out of your blog so you can always have those memories. Glad to see you guys had an awesome and safe (minus your food poisoning)trip! Hopefully there will be some family thing soon so we can see everyone again... it's been too long!

  2. Loved all the pics. I am very jealous, one day Doug and I will make it to France.