Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Damon...

Dear Damon,

You are the smartest, most inventive, and competitive (almost) seven year old I know. You amaze me every time I see you. Logan and I talk about how fun it would be to take you out to play sports. He wants so much to teach you how to play tennis. He loves that you are always willing to try something new with him.

You have the sweetest spirit. I watch you with your baby brother and how you will play with him for hours on end. You will do anything to make him laugh. I am amazed at how well you get along with Kylie. I fought a lot with my sisters, but you are so patient with her, and I am so glad. She is very lucky to have you as an older brother.

You are so smart! I have watched you grow so much the past two years, and you are constantly learning new things. Whether it was in school, something you learned at home, or something you figured out on your own, you're always in the pursuit of knowledge. I love it when you play a song on the piano for me, it is so sweet. I love when you tell me something you learned in school, it is so awesome you're remembering these things. And I love when I see you turn around and teach it to you sister.

Logan and I love how willing you are to run around with us and play games. You are so courageous and willing to try new things. Tonight you ran and caught that old grumpy cat, and cradled it like you found a precious baby. You didn't care that the cat was cranky, you still were just loving on it. You also let me "crack the egg" with you on the trampoline. I haven't done that since I was really little, and it was fun to do it again with you. Playing with you makes me see the world with new eyes again.

I love you so much, and I know Logan does too. We know you are going to do great things with your life. We are so excited to watch you and be part of your future. Our kids are going to be very lucky to have you as their oldest cousin. I always admired my oldest cousin when I was little, and I know they will do the same with you.

Thank you for being such a fun, crazy, and energetic nephew. I love having you around (and so does Logan).


Aunt Camille

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  1. You're so cute Camille!! I want a copy to put in his scrapbook!